SOUHAI STARS    from Soundrapandiapuram


Soundrapandiapuram (Soundra Pandia Puram ) is a village of Tirunelveli district in Radhapuram Taluk, Tamil Nadu, India. Nearby railway station & town is Valliyoor. Although majority of the community are Christians, there are also Hindus in good numbers. They maintain a traditional relationship among each other, which is carried along the genaration. It has a pre-primary school and a middle school, which name is St. Aloysius Middle School (Standard 1 to 8).

The new generation of Soundra Pandia Puram are called as Souhai Stars and are well educated & are well placed. It earns a good amount of foreign money through its globally spread out community. Each family has at least one member working abroad or in North India. Farming and business are the main activities. Since Soundra Pandia Puram is in lower ground to the nearby village bonds, the ground water is always available.

Information to visitors: The Church bell rings at 5am everyday, it is believed that no one should venture out of the house (unless very urgent) before the church bell rings


image: Organic Gardens